The National Cybersecurity Forum is officially constituted

  • The National Cybersecurity Forum is officially constituted, a public-private collaboration space promoted by the National Security Council, where the National Cryptologic Centre holds the Vice-presidency.

In a meeting held virtually and chaired by the Director of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government, Iván Redondo, accompanied by Miguel Ángel Ballesteros, Director of the Department of National Security and President of the Forum; the two vice-presidents of the Forum: the Director General of INCIBE and the Deputy Director of the CCN; as well as the members appointed by the organizations that constitute them, the constituent session of the National Cybersecurity Forum has taken place.

The lines of work are focused on generating a culture of cybersecurity, offering support to Industry and R+D+i and an opportunity for training and talent in cybersecurity; all of them aligned with the measures included in the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2019.

During the Forum's founding ceremony, Iván Redondo highlighted the importance of this public-private collaboration space, a forum for debate that we want to "transform information into knowledge, generating actions in R&D&I and skilled workers in this area". He also considers that this Forum offers a great opportunity to improve cybersecurity in our country, highlighting the experience that its members have in this field to generate cybersecurity culture.

Several principles will be key to the action of this Forum: unity of action, transparency and accessibility, adaptability and flexibility, open participation and commitment, as well as shared responsibility and reciprocity. These principles will be articulated in an environment of public-private collaboration to share and generate knowledge about the opportunities and challenges for security in cyberspace under the umbrella of the National Cybersecurity Council.

DSN (22-july-2020)

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