The third meeting of the National Cybersecurity Forum was held today, 3 June

During the meeting, the progress of the working groups and the new initiatives with which the Forum will continue to move forward were presented.

The first lines of work addressed were aimed at studying and proposing initiatives to increase the culture of cybersecurity; supporting industry and R&D&I and training and talent in cybersecurity, actions aligned with the measures included in the National Cybersecurity Strategy.

Three working groups were set up for its implementation in a public-private co-leadership format.

  • The Cybersecurity Culture Group, which has produced the White Paper on Cybersecurity Culture.
  • The Industry and R&D&I support group, which has developed the White Paper on the cybersecurity sector in Spain.
  • The Cybersecurity Education, Training and Talent Group, which has been tasked with developing a National Cybersecurity Manager Certification Scheme.

This work was approved during today's meeting and will be submitted to the National Cybersecurity Council for further publication and dissemination.

On the other hand, the objectives, tasks and expected results of the Working Group on Analysis and Promotion of the Cyber Defence Industry have been approved, as well as proposing to the National Cybersecurity Council the creation of a new Working Group on Regulation.


The National Cybersecurity Strategy approved by the National Security Council in April 2019, points to public-private collaboration as a key element and encourages the materialisation of this collaboration through the National Cybersecurity Forum, a place to integrate representatives of civil society, independent experts, the private sector, academia, associations, non-profit organisations, among others, in order to enhance and create public-private synergies.

The composition of the Forum was determined with the aim of bringing together the greatest possible representation of public and private organisations and society in the field of cybersecurity. Under the chairmanship of the Department of Homeland Security and the vice-presidencies of the National Cybersecurity Institute and the National Cryptologic Centre, the Forum is made up of 15 organisations representing civil society and the private sector, including business organisations, think tanks, universities, specialised media, among others, as well as bodies with competence in cybersecurity.

The creation of the Forum was approved by the National Security Council on 21 February 2020, as a working group of the National Cybersecurity Council. It was established on 22 July 2020 and held its second meeting on 14 December 2020.

Some of the advances were presented at events organised by INCIBE in October, the 14ENISE and at the National Cryptologic Centre's conference in December.