• Chair: The Chair will be the Vice Chair of the National Cybersecurity Council and Director of the Department of Homeland Security. When deemed appropriate and at least once a year, the chair of the National Cybersecurity Council shall chair the meeting of the Forum.
  • Vice-chair: There shall be two Vice-Chairs:
    • The First Vice-Chairmanship will be exercised by the Director of the Spanish National Institute of Cybersecurity.
    • The Second Vice-Chairmanship will be held by the Deputy Director of the National Cryptologic Centre.
  • Secretariat: The Secretariat functions for the Forum will be provided by the Department of Homeland Security. Each Working Group will appoint a Chair and a Secretariat. The Secretary will be appointed by the Chair of the Forum from among the personnel belonging to the Department of Homeland Security, assuming, in addition to the functions of Secretary, those of support to the Chair of the Forum.
  • Councilars: The Forum will be composed of members representing different organizations.
  • Permanent Councilars: made up of one representative from each of the members of the Permanent Cybersecurity Commission..

The Presidency of the Forum will propose to the National Cybersecurity Council the appointment of actors representing collective and organised economic, industrial, academic or social interests, as well as representatives of the administration, as members of the Forum.

A representative of the sector to be determined may also form part of the Forum, whose presence is so agreed by the president of the Forum, depending on the matters to be dealt with.

Other representatives of the network of national experts, of the Autonomous Communities, of the Cities with Statute of Autonomy and of the local entities may also be summoned, depending on the nature of the matters to be dealt with on the agenda. Likewise, those persons may be summoned in their capacity as experts whose contribution is considered relevant.

The National Cybersecurity Council, once it has examined the proposal for appointment to a seat on the Forum under the terms set out above, shall approve or reject it.

This Forum shall meet at the initiative of the Chairman at least twice a year or as many times as he/she deems necessary depending on the circumstances affecting its scope of action.

The agenda will be agreed by its chairman, once the proposals of the members of the Forum have been analysed.