1. Propose initiatives to the National Cybersecurity Council, from the perspective of the private sector, for the enhancement and creation of public-private synergies in cybersecurity or cyberdefence.
  2. To analyse and study proposals, either their own or those entrusted to them, that will support the decision-making process of the National Cybersecurity Council.
  3. Contribute to the assessment and analysis of risks and threats regarding cybersecurity, together with the proposal of mitigation and response actions.
  4. Support the conduct and evaluation of crisis management exercises in the field of cybersecurity and cyber defence.
  5. Contribute to the identification of the needs of industry and research centres, in terms of cybersecurity.
  6. Collaborate in the development of resource catalogues that identify private sector and civil society assets and capacities, with the aim of determining the most effective response measures in line with available means and missions to be undertaken.
  7. To channel and formulate proposals on the regulatory and normative framework with an impact on cybersecurity, also considering other related disciplines that should be harmonized with each other.
  8. Promote proactive studies and reports on new and emerging technologies and analyse their impact on national cybersecurity and, reactively, carry them out at the request of the National Cybersecurity Council.
  9. Devise initiatives aimed at promoting the National Cybersecurity culture.
  10. To support the projection and participation of Spain at international and European level in cybersecurity and cyberdefence.
  11. Other functions entrusted to it by the National Cybersecurity Council.