In Action Line 4 of the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2019, "Promoting the cybersecurity of citizens and companies", a series of measures are proposed to respond to Objective III of this document, to which this action line responds and which is none other than the "Protection of the business and social ecosystem and of citizens". This objective states that “cybersecurity is a shared responsibility with private actors who, by action or omission, may affect it; and it is not possible to achieve it without their participation. Therefore, among the measures to be promoted must be those that lead to the necessary cooperation for common security”.

And it is because of this need that measure number 9 arises, which consists of the creation of a Forum capable of responding to the doubts and concerns associated with cybersecurity in an environment of global collaboration. This is the National Cybersecurity Forum, an initiative led by the National Security Council and in assistance to the National Cybersecurity Council.

The Forum, as stated in the aforementioned measure, should include "representatives of civil society, independent experts, the private sector, academia, associations, non-profit organizations, among others, with the aim of promoting and creating public-private synergies, particularly in the generation of knowledge about the opportunities and threats to security in cyberspace".

Creation of the National Cybersecurity Forum

Finally, in July 2020, a virtual meeting was held to set up the National Cybersecurity Forum. This was chaired by the director of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government, Iván Redondo, accompanied by Miguel Ángel Ballesteros, director of the Department of National Security and president of the Forum; the two vice-presidents of the Forum: the general director of INCIBE and the deputy director of the CCN; as well as the members appointed by the organizations that constitute them.

The established lines of work are focused on generating a culture of cybersecurity, offering support to Industry and R+D+i and an opportunity for training and talent in cybersecurity; all of them aligned with the measures included in the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2019.

Similarly, several principles will be key to the action of this Forum: unity of action, transparency and accessibility, adaptability and flexibility, open participation and commitment, as well as shared responsibility and reciprocity. These principles will be articulated in an environment of public-private collaboration to share and generate knowledge about the opportunities and challenges for security in cyberspace under the coverage of the National Cybersecurity Council..