Cybersecurity culture

This Working Group should propose actions to:

  1. Increase awareness campaigns.
  2. Strengthen the co-responsibility and obligations of society in national cybersecurity..
  3. Promote initiatives and plans for digital literacy in cybersecurity.
  4. Promote the dissemination of cybersecurity culture as a good business practice and recognize the involvement of companies in the improvement of collective cybersecurity as a corporate responsibility.
  5. Promote a critical spirit in favour of truthful and quality information and to contribute to the identification of fake news and disinformation.
  6. Raise awareness among managers of organizations in order to enable the necessary resources and promote cybersecurity projects that their entities may need.
  7. Promote awareness and training in cybersecurity in educational centers adapted to all levels of training and specialties.
  8. Seek and recognize the collaboration and participation of the media pto achieve greater reach in campaigns aimed at citizens and minors./li>
Grupo de Trabajo Cultura de ciberseguridad